If you are looking for a solid vocal technical foundation, and want to improve your singing in the style of your choice, this is the place to start. 

During this online singing course, you will learn how to practically apply tools from the modern vocal method Complete Vocal Technique in your own singing for more ease and expressive freedom. Singers from all styles are welcome to benefit from these techniques for healthy singing, more range and power, and more options to sound like you want to sound. 

How does it work?

  • 6 Weekly Workshops, each handling a specific technique and exercises from Complete Vocal Technique
  • Weekly exercises that will get you:
      • Awareness of your current vocal tendencies, and what to do next
      • Provide you techniques and how to practice, so you can
        • Strengthen what works
        • Change what does not work
        • Gain access to new sounds and become vocally flexible

This CVT vocal technique course is perfect for:

  • Vocalists interested in vocal versatility and a wide range of expression
  • Singers that want to cross over styles: from classical to rock and pop and vice versa
  • Rock and pop singers looking for healthy belting techniques
  • Aspiring singers that want to develop a solid technical foundation for practicing voice
  • Seasoned vocalists that want to brush up their vocal technique and get inspired
  • Performers in need for healthy techniques for vocal health and stamina, and avoiding hoarseness

In the Curriculum:

  • 3 Basic Principles
  • The 4 Vocal Modes
  • Introduction to Soundcolor & Effects


  • When: Next round starts in September 2023. Sign up Here.
  • Please note: the main language is Dutch, but I am always happy to translate. Your own masterclass can be in English. If enough international students, enroll, I will consider an English-speaking group.
  • Optional: get a discount on supplementary personal coaching

Why I am teaching this course

Hello! I am Karoliina, singer, vocal coach, and an Authorized CVT Teacher. This means I have completed the 3-year study at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen and being up to date on the latest developments around the CVT both in technique and pedagogy.

Before I knew CVT I was told I had a 'certain type of voice' and that some repertoire just wasn't within my reach. Also, I kept having the same vocal troubles no matter how hard I practiced. My voice would sometimes break or high notes would feel tight. I felt I lacked consistency and range. Sometimes I would get sore or even hoarse after my gigs. Never knowing how the notes would come out my mouth made me insecure. 

CVT changed all that for me, but what really blew my mind was that for the first time, I was asked what I wanted to sing and how I wanted to sound. With technical obstacles removed, I was truly free to make my own artistic choices.  That's also when I fell in love with vocal versatility, and I have ever since been enjoying discovering new sounds and singing in pop, rock, jazz, to French chansons, all the way up to Mongolian throat singing!

As an authorized CVT-teacher and experienced in helping singers to master their craft and develop technical proficiency. I have also followed training in High-Performance to help performers develop a strong sense of presence and be at their best when it matters the most. Examples of my clients include:

  • Contemporary singers looking for healthy belting techniquesCVI Authorized Vocal Coach
  • Classical singers perfecting their technique for sound consistency and projection
  • Vocalists in transition that want to sing new repertoire in a new style (opera to pop, rock to MT)
  • Vocalists aspiring to become cross-over singers and that are interested in vocal versatility
  • Performers refining their sound and building great-sounding showcases

My programs are all about helping singers to rock their singing practice so they can thrive, grow, and succeed. Read my full bio.